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Our Products



All flowers are selectively bred and phenotyped from proven cultivars. Our library features some of the best and also most exclusive strains in the world, from local favorites to international/domestic cup winning genetics. 


Grown in a cleanroom environment with meticulous attention to detail, the plants are given the most optimal climate needed to achieve their highest potential.


Our Hawaii cannabis and products need to pass some of the strictest testing requirements in the nation. Product and patient safety is our number one concern. We believe in providing patients with Clean Craft Hawaii Marijuana.

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We take pride in producing concentrates of unmatched quality. That’s why we offer a wide variety of connoisseur grade concentrates using the most advanced solvent less and solvent-free techniques available. These processes are able to produce full-spectrum, clean medicine for our patients on the Big Island.


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Experience Authentic Island Flavors, Grown Only in Hawai'i

We know our patients deserve the best! That’s why B.I.G. will offer an array of medical grade Hawaii Weed-derived products including tinctures, topicals and more! Stop in to your nearest B.I.G. location for more information.

Other Products



Experience Authentic Island Flavors, Grown Only in Hawai'i.



Live Resin, Live Rosin & Distillate. Strain-specific steam distilled terpenes. 

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Island-inspired, topical plant medicine.



Limited edition Hawaii grown flavors and unique blends for every occasion.

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