Hawaii Visitors

Out of state patients can now purchase medical cannabis from a Hawaii dispensary

All patients (Hawaii residents and visitors) must be registered with the Hawaii Medical Cannabis Program and receive a 329 card to enter a Hawaii dispensary. Visitors can apply for a 329V card that is valid for 60 days and provided to patients digitally.



Requirements to apply for a Hawaii 329v card

  • A valid medical cannabis card from any U.S. state/territory or the District of Columbia to Hawaii

  • A valid driver’s license or state ID from the same state as your medical card

  • You can apply for a card up to 60 days prior to a requested “start date” before you arrive

Please be advised that according to federal law, possession of cannabis and cannabis-infused products is illegal.

Travel by any means, inter-island, to and from the mainland USA, and internationally means passing through federal airspace or jurisdiction. This may put medical cannabis patient or caregivers travelling with cannabis and/or cannabis-infused products of any kind in jeopardy with the possibility of delay or arrest.

All patients and caregivers strictly comply with Hawaii State Laws & Rules.