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Cannabis has long been known to influence artists of all mediums but science has recently proven that the plant’s stimulating effects on the brain’s frontal lobe (a part of the brain highly active in creative people) could be the root of this influence. As we continue to learn more about this powerful plant, we can dial in the benefits of specific cannabinoids, terpenes and dosages that meet our desired outcome whether it is increased creativity or pain relief. 

The Cultivating Art Series first launchd on November 27th with Big Island Grown’s own, William Gilliam and his piece for the new B.I.G. cultivar, Widow Cake. Many artists in the series also include Dan Madsen (of Oasis Skateshop) and his Super Mario inspired take on the strain, Bowzer, Meggs, Shar Tuiasoa (PunkyAloha), Dewey Saunders, Linda Rowell-Stevens, Danielle Zirk and more. If you are an artist inspired to be featured in the next Cultivating Art Series, sign up below.


Partnering artists were asked to create an interpretation of B.I.G. cultivars in their own style. Limited 17"x22" prints of the pieces will be available to the first 60 patients who purchase the showcased flower from one of the three Big Island dispensaries on drop days. The only other way to get these limited prints is via the artist or through B.I.G.’s Instagram giveaways. 

Big Island Grown's Cultivating Art Series is an ongoing collaboration with artists from around the world to highlight some of their new and favorite cannabis cultivars. 

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