Our Mission

Our Mission is to pioneer an agricultural renaissance that perpetuates the proud legacy of Hawaiʻi farmers through growing and crafting the highest grade cannabis medicine in the world.
We envision that when the world thinks of Hawaiʻi cannabis, they think of Big Island Grown.

Our Values

Values are what shape you. They determine your priorities and guide your decisions.  Values keep individuals motivated and teams united. Your values declare what you stand for and define who you are.  At Big Island Grown, this is what we value most.


means we are authentic, transparent, and honest in all that we do. 



means we care for nature, our community, and for ourselves.



means we are constantly thinking outside the box to improve

our craft and our service.



means we persist and persevere no matter the obstacle.


is our top priority in everything we do.

Our Production Center

Nestled between the mountain and the sea, our 35,000 square foot, purpose-built production facility uses innovative techniques and technology to provide premium and sustainable, indoor-grown cannabis for our community. Using clean room protocol, climate control technology and strategic construction allows us to grow craft cannabis without the use of herbicides, pesticides or fungicides.