Utilizing today’s cutting edge hydroponic growing techniques, automated irrigation dosing system and eco-friendly organic coco coir media we are able to maximize our ability to produce a consistent quality product. Putting years of experience and research into perfecting our proprietary nutrient blend proves to offer superior grade medical cannabis products with elevated cannabinoid and terpene levels providing the best quality medicine and experience for our patients. All products used throughout the cultivation process are rigorously tested and heavily scrutinized to provide a consistent standard of quality that surpasses medical standards and patients expectations. With recent major advances in indoor lighting options we are utilizing the most up to date technology available for maximum yield and quality. Implementing strict data collection protocols allows our cultivation team to continually adjust to always better our growing strategy.


In order to uphold the DOH’s strict testing standards for contamination. We have implemented cleanroom protocol procedures to avoid any possible pest or microbial contamination. Cleanrooms are typically associated with the pharmaceutical and tech industries. Implementing procedures and equipment to maintain air quality, humidity, and temperature. Ultimately the goal is to control airborne contamination utilizing common applications designed to filter out chemical vapors, microbes, dust and other airborne contaminants. Some common features include airlock entry for employee access and a requirement for all employees to wear protective clothing inside, allowing our cultivation team to produce the cleanest highest grade medical Cannabis for our patients.